Amentek's Smoke Hood/Fire Hood

The new cost-effective American-Certified Smoke Mask / Escape Respirator!

The Amentek's Smoke Mask/Fire Escape Hood has earned certification to the only American Standard for a smoke/fire evacuation hood. It protects against fire-related gases including carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, smoke, & hydrogen sulfide. The Amentek's Smoke Mask contains a HEPA filter that removes more than 99.97% of sub-micron particles such as ebola, anthrax, smallpox, and radioactive particles. One universal size can be put on in under 30 seconds. The hood features easy-to-breathe dual filters and is compact, lightweight, and vacuum sealed in a foil bag for a long shelf life. Its unobstructed field of view can be used with eyeglasses, beards, and long hair.


Protects against

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Additional Toxic Gases: sarin, smoke, hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, tear gas, OC, and more
  • Harmful Particulates: soot, fumes, aerosols, and others
    • Contains a HEPA P100 filter that removes sub-micron particles such as ebola, anthrax, ricin, smallpox, and radioactive particles
  • Life-Threatening Physical Hazards: flammability and radiant heat



Please note that a smoke/fire hood has been referred to by many different names. Some examples are smoke mask, smoke hood, escape hood, escape mask, fire escape hood, smoke escape hood, escape smoke hood, emergency escape hood, emergency escape mask, CBRN hood, carbon monoxide filter, evacuation hood, carbon monoxide hood, carbon monoxide mask, evacuation mask, gas mask for smoke, escape respirator & emergency mask. Whatever you might want to call it, the Amentek's Smoke/Fire evacuation hood gives unparalleled protection! Please review all the details on the web site.